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    Lots of Features, dynamic flexibility and a expandable construction. Please read about all the Eco-sustainability features.
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Inna Water... a Responsive Company Network

We have state of the art products and skills to enable affordable water treatment...

Decentralized treatment systems are not just for use in rural areas anymore. Global demand for reliable low-cost wastewater treatment systems is increasing, especially in densely populated urban regions.

Many governments have passed new environmental regulations which stipulate that small and medium enterprises and housing estates will be held responsible for wastewater pollution. Therefore these entities need treat wastewater adequately on-site before it is discharged or released into the environment.

As the challenges of increasing population, decreased funding availability, and new water quality standards continue to mount, Inna water decentralised systems offer viable options for enterprises, wastewater utilities and communities looking for reliable low-cost solutions to meeting water and wastewater needs.

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  • Innovation

    Innovation is the main driver of economic progress... Inna Water’s Collaborative Water Research Initiative is investing and investigating all aspects
  • Recycling

        The CELL DISINTEGRATION UNIT™ takes a fresh approach to portable and industrial wastewater disinfection  As demand for more
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    Designing engineering concepts with a difference!... We design using state of the art products to give the best sustainable outcome
  • Water Treatment

    A new dawn for decentralised sewerage... Ben Kele, Centre for Plant and Water Science CQUniversity
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