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Environmental pressures and economic drivers to produce more with less have stimulated a growing interest in eco-efficient production systems that minimise water resource consumption and pollution.
InnaWater recognises that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution and we need to invest in scientific research and integrate innovation to optimise the sustainable ecological use of water.  InnaWater is a progressive full service design build company with a range of award winning decentralised soft path water filtration, disinfection and recycling solutions for private commercial and industrial sectors. Our dedicated team of engineers and scientists are committed to innovation and invention to meet 21st century key resource challenges.
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Multiple Providers
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Advanced managing Rules
  • Custom Configuration
  • Manager Support

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Company Profile

With over 65 years of experience in developing equipment for water treatment and other process, combined with the expertise of the directors and personnel dedicated to the challenge of innovation to find a better way,
Ensures “WE CAN DO IT”

Anthony Dickson
Managing Director Inna Water
Managing Director Sardik Engineering.

Product development.
The Cell Destruction Unit “CDU” a disinfection unit that disinfects liquids without chemicals regardless of turbidity. The CDU was developed to remove the use of chlorine as this chemical is the main cause of breast, bowl and stomach cancers. I designed the water and waste water treatment plant for Michale Myer’s “Sunrise at 1770 estate” using the CDU technology the development has won 3 urban development awards and has never let a pathogen through the plant.  I won the ABC programme “The New Inventors” in 2007 and was a grand finalist in inventor of the year. Link to abc video  

Positive Aqueous Solutions PAS
With the continual research of water and is structure Inna Water has been able to develop patented aeration and water conditioning systems for the various treatment process, leading the world in sustainable dissolved oxygen and chemical free coagulation.

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Sardik Engineering

  • We will need to mention the design and development for the mixing systems for Sydney’s drinking Water at Prospect
  • The design and development for the largest PVA reactors in the world for Nuplex resins. 5 units
  • The design and development and the supply of specialised mixing machines for Procter and Gamble worldwide with over 80 machines supplied and nominated by the commonwealth bank for exporter of the year.
  • Unity water and the design and development for non-raging impellers for anoxic mixing.  

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