POSITIVE AQUA CONDITIONERS ™ takes a fresh look at aerators  and agitators designs to overcome the traditional inefficient ‘top down’ induction approach to save energy.


Fig 1 PAS AQ

Aeration is extremely important when growing and harvesting fish.

In order to operate a successful aquaculture facility, you must maintain a high enough dissolved oxygen (DO) to keep the fish healthy and active as active fish grow larger. Aeration cost is the third largest cost in intensive aquaculture system after post larvae and feed cost representing about 15% of total production cost. Therefore, selection of aerators plays a major role in maximising the profit in such system.

Pas-AQ™ is neither an aerator nor an agitator, it’s a Thermal De-Stratifier with the ability to deliver large amounts of dissolved oxygen and hydronium irons throughout the water body using minimum energy inputs.     
Designed specifically for aquaculture applications, Pas-AQ™is fitted with a patented intake fixture that draws water from the bottom of the pond through a directional cone to allow  juvenile stock to pass by uninhibited.