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Inna Water’s Collaborative Water Research Initiative is investing and investigating all aspects of decentralised water treatment, including novel purification and disinfection methods, optimal power usage and infrastructure asset protection.

Inna Water continues to develop innovative partnerships locally and globally—with universities, corporations, and government agencies with one goal: to transform new ideas into tools that directly address problem of global water treatment. Inna Water’s novel approach brings together world-class innovators and engineers to advance the fundamental scientific understanding about water and water usage, as well as to accelerate the pace of new technology development for unmet market needs.

  • Restructuring

    PAS Coalescing Conditioners, Innovation in water restructuring... Chemists for a long time have recognised the unique and unusual properties of
  • Cell Signaling

    BIOSOL Cell Signal Remote Control... BIOSOL is the World’s leading all NATURAL, solution in the fight against Sewer Odours, Sulphide
  • Oil Separation

    Hydromechanical Oil Water Seperators... Internationally regulatory agency guidelines are becoming increasingly stringent when dealing with discharge of both petrochemical and
  • Live Bacteria

    BioAmp Class1 Natural Bacteria... BioAmp presents a rare opportunity when solving environmental wastewater problems. The system Nominated for The Presidential
  • Disinfection - Cell Disintegration Unit

        The CELL DISINTEGRATION UNIT™ takes a fresh approach to portable and industrial wastewater disinfection  As demand for more
  • PAS Aeration

    Positive Aqua Solution Aeration Systems... High-performance aeration systems are one of the most misunderstood technologies in wastewater treatment. This misunderstanding