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BIOSOL is the World’s leading all NATURAL, solution in the fight against Sewer Odours, Sulphide Corrosion and Fats Oil and Grease (FOG) blockages.  

Sulphide corrosion and FOG blockages are two of the major economic problems facing sewer network operators owing to high repair and preventive maintenance costs. Concrete corrosion rates of 5-10 mm year are not uncommon downstream of force mains, resulting in line failures of 5.5cm thick reinforced concrete in less than 10 years. Besides their supercharged corrosive nature, sulphides are malodorous, toxic and highly flammable.

BIOSOL is a world first in the uses of cell signalling chemicals (CSC’s) to switch bacteria from destructive biofilm forms to an inactive single cell planktonic state much in the same way you switch channels with a TV remote control.

Single cell planktonic state is maintained for 8-12h to enable settled solids flushing. Upon arrival at the sewage treatment plant BIOSOL regulation up switches the bacteria back to a more aggressive state with accelerated microbial performance. BIOSOL regulation up can also be manually dosed to septic tanks to improve the aerobic and anaerobic microbial activity.

BIOSOL dosing immediately increase asset live expectancy by 95+ percent and reduces maintenance cost by 60+ percent. At a cost of USD$ 8 per person per year, BIOSOL is the most cost efficient trailed NATURAL, solution on the market. Typical annual saving are in the region of USD $3,500,000 per 100,000 catchment population.


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